job hunting

I have finally booked my ticket to leave the country. which has served to highlight my dire need for further funding initiatives for the next year or so.

Now, before you shake your heads, it’s not like I haven’t thought about this ‘til now. I have. But to REALLY do much about it is another thing. being a bit of a ‘fly by the seat of my pants girl’ I figure it’ll be alright. & surely it will. and if not, no doubt you’ll here about it here unless i hock my computer... NO!

I have a few money-making schemes in the works but in case they don’t come through I have been looking into my options.

work you say? ok.

first step, of course... consult the stars. I’m a ‘use what you like, discard the rest’ astrology fan.

I have recently come across what I think is a pretty accurate reading. this one is pretty in-depth. pages and pages of it. I relate to most of it. even the ugly stuff. all for a capricorn, fire snake.

For suitable careers, they suggested…

entrepreneur, president, heiress, movie star, top model, advertising director, religious leader, oil magnate, choreographer, film director.

a bit much I know... oil magnate would have to be an accident. & top model can be struck off strait away. even if they wanted to go very left of centre, I don’t have the measurements for those designer samples, (cept of course miss andrea’s works, which fit marvelously) movie star I could maybe stretch to if I didn’t have to learn too many lines. I’d just have to direct as well... oh, & my family ain’t money, so I’ll need someone else’s fortune to inherit… anybody???

so this is my general ‘all of the above’ application. anybody got or know of any vacancies? can you pass on my number. I have a bit of time. & I’m flexible. no ties. I can travel. (but would prefer to be based in north qld for another month) & I’m great to work with, though ‘an arrogance and aplomb that would frighten godzilla’ may not seem to suggest that, I’m sure we’ll get along.

no really, I’m lovely. & great... WELL obviously... did you read that list…

soon I’ll stop pretending to be searching for a job, and get busy with the world domination.


Anonymous said...

long way from atherton high school.... how are people meant to say g'day when there is no email address on your blog....all very interesting.....although world domination is a bit of a stretch, generally takes too much effort.

ernst bloch universitat, germany.

metromon said...

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wolfie said...

hey, just so you know, i love you like nothing else.
now go get a job, layabout.