hello from upper barron

population, i don't know... 60?

god, who knows where the edges are.

renown for the barron river. hills. grass. fertile soils. volanic history. hmmmmm. rainforest. mt hypipamee national park. the crater. lots of farmers. some hippies.

the home of dell.

it's nice here. i have eaten lot's of home grown produce. bacon, beef, eggs, sweetcorn, macadamias, jaboticabas, pawpaws...

i have been swimming in the river.
i have been reading.
i have been talking to my mum and dad, who i have been missing a lot lately as i am truly CRAP at keeping in touch.

i have played with my nephews. age 11, 10, 6, and 2.

they are great and make me laugh.

they also make me tired.

i hope you are all well.

this is for kate from the bbq. and also because we have a cyclone named kate hovering in the sea somewhere near the torres strait. making it rainy and windy here today.

we gonna barbie like it's your birthday

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