brother club

chutney club has a brother club…

sausage CLUB, this is serious… unlike the splinter group, cake club and the tapenade society.

this makes me HAPPY*

*for all my friends the vegetarians sorry if it upsets you to grind the animals and stuff them into tasty little intestine bags. BUT some things in life are better done yourself. and they taste so good.

which reminds me of my friend at art school who called herself vegetarian apart from eating sausages. her theory was that at least people like her made sure that the cow was all used up, including the arseholes and eyeballs.

I found that logic disturbing. I grew up eating homegrown organic happy meat. not hippy, happy. you can taste it. these animals had a good life. I left home and never bought meat for 8 years. I ate it when I went home to the good stuff. otherwise, no sir. until I found Jonathon’s of Collingwood. then I embraced the sausage again.

We made sausages at home once when I was little. mixing up the herbs and spices and pushing it through the machine. I thought it was gross. but the sausages tasted good, and we didn’t need to think of the arseholes & eyeballs, like with other sausages.

that’s why I was so impressed when kade made a sausage. it’s funny, it makes me laugh but also it was good. and he knows what went into it. & I hope he invites me to sausage club… even if it’s gross… or at least I get to try the sausages. we’ve got plenty of homemade chutney to share. iron chef chutney club apple challenge is soon.

now we just need a mother club. the breads and crackers club. and then maybe the sisters beer brewing club. or wine. then we could all get together and have a big friendly picnic.

who’s in?


Djali said...

Could you affiliate a Fresh Herbs Feminist Fraternity - "Fighting Family Firsts"? We're a rather small organisation that could do with some allies.

rhymes with pony said...

you can join my sausage club dell, nudge nudge

cybele malinowski said...

i'm co-president of the vodka vice vixens. just a drop of my russian blood will go down a treat.

i'm seeing a lucrative business here....

(ronan, if i had a sausage i SO would have said that too!)

rhymes with pony said...

you can have my sausage cybele. nudge nudge

ok stopping now. can ppl please stop opening the door to these innuedos

rhymes with pony said...


hell said...

vodka is most welcome at any picnic of mine ms cybele.

hell said...

innuendo too rony