these aren't boobs. these are boys. and me. and beer. this is old, but i like it.

ar dear dell

kate read my post about her looking at her boobs. haha. she threatened to do a fake post on my blog. a post about how I came home and looked at my boobs all day. then I woke up & I had dreamt about them all night.

I dreamed about boobs all night. yeah. that was pretty cool.

then she accused me of being obsessed. "god dell, you’re obsessed"

"it's all boobs boobs boobs with you"
then she called me titsianna
& i called her boobalada

and she's gone to bed and i bet she's dreaming about BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS.
but that's ok kate. boobs are pretty cool.


stillawake said...

you said boobs. heehee

hell said...

your always awake thinking about boobs. i just know it.

stringbeanjean said...

my husband had a dream about my boobs last night. you just reminded me. heeee.