garage sale of the century

my birthday was good. but I woke up after less than two hours of sleep. HOLY GOD. garage sale.

kate made signs, I collected armloads and armloads and armloads of clothes, carried all the furniture out onto the street. went for a walk through the neighbourhood putting up signs. scared and a little shaky. mmmmmm. out in two days. house full of party filth and everything I own… clean and vacant by Monday. dell…

kate was trying clothes on, I was trying to find everything I could abandon to drag out onto the streets. kade came by then emma Fleishmann and drew and paul and Lydia and pat and don & liz & brooke and all bought stuff and helped me out with packing, cleaning and selling. youse guys are amazing. couldn’t have done it without you. so it started the three day garage sale party and it was fun. and talk about fine looking. best looking garage sale eva.

we played street sports like shoe platonk. warehouse wall basketball and who can bowl over the small plastic animals with a large bouncy basketball. then we all dressed up in my clothes. it was a cold Melbourne summer night. tired drunk and hungry. a little dazed. dinner at ‘chois’. and as we walked down the street we were laughing at ourselves and everyone on Brunswick street looking at us strangely. kate as the green bag lady, drew in my snowflake jumper, paul in sergeant pepper cashmere cardie. we got there and were seated at a white tablecloth and proceeded to spill a whole glass of red wine across it first thing. who’d have thought it.

Sunday was more of the same. loads of stuff to deliver. a bit of styling at kades place. ie. the kitchen and back yard full of hastily packed boxes and sad looking pot plants. more helpers. same helpers again. more sales. more cleaning. more activities. and kade bought the bbq over and we fed the troupes. stef and viv took over the selling. think the profits were drunk in cases of coopers. about 15 of them.

a few special mentions…

kate best customer and most entertaining costume changes.
kade activities manager and best all rounder, everydayer.
drew moral support beer drinker also good everydayer though less productive.
Donald Russell best ute and bbq driver.
Emma Fleischmann must get a prize too, actually many prizes…

at about 7 on Sunday kade convinced the remainder of us. Fleishmann and drew and me that we need one motivational shot of jagermeister. seven jager’s and seven jugs of beer later we threw in the towel. and I slept on a pile of cardboard boxes (how romantic) in the loungeroom (after a 3 am text message to my landlord to see if we could meet in the afternoon instead of the early morning).

anyway its all ok. with a few loads to the op shop. and a day out driving the last things around the neighbourhood in don’s ute with kade and kate. having gelato, and Lebanese pizza’s in preston and spotting hungry bums and gunts. nother (sic) new BLACK REBEL ACTIVITES CLUB activity. fun for all the family.

and I got my bond back. thank you everyone who helped me. I love you all.

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