Again, I've been bad at this. But here is a thing... In 2014 West Space is publishing a new fortnightly edition of MATERIAL edited by Danny Lacy and John Nixon. 

Issue No.6 of Material features Dell Stewart's work titled Wood, silk, concrete, rock. Now available from the WestSpace Reading Room, you can buy this individual issue of Material or order the whole 2014 set of 25 by sending us an email.


Little people

I've been a bit of a zombie, but have been watching this story unfold, and would like to express my gratitude to the artists involved for taking a stand. It must've been a hard decision, and I'm glad it has proven effective. Now I only hope it sends a message to our politicians, though I don't hold out much hope. It seems every day there's another embarrassing and destructive policy or news story piling up, making it impossible to continue living in denial.

So, yes to action, regardless of whether it can do anything but make me feel better for having said something. I'll be at the State Library on the 16th of March for my baby's first protest.

Speaking of babies, this is a photo I took at our last new parents group meeting, months ago now. Already it would be impossible to get these babies in frame like this, as none of them stay where you put them anymore. Crawling, standing, scooching, rolling, wriggling babies.



I love a mountain, just like the Bonnie Prince. In Hobart last week we drove up Mt Wellington just on dusk. With the moon we watched the clouds roll in over the city. It's a pretty amazing place.


Heavy Metal

Mr Kitly curated a shop for MONA's Heavy Metals project, I made these silver pillowcases along with some other things. They will be for sale at the MONA Market until April 19th. We went to Hobart on a whim last week to escape the heat and it was lovely.



Has been nice, but it's about to get ugly. I wish I could find an ice bucket to crawl into like these little guys. We will be hiding out as best as we can.



Happy New Year everyone. I have been idling away the summer, in some senses, but also working hard. Baby time takes precedence, and the to-do list is longer than ever. No resolutions, just a few vague plans to pick some cherries, eat fresh things from the garden as much as possible, and enjoy every day with the little one, who is scarily not so little anymore (rolling, giggling, high-chair sitting). I'm also making things, which I hope to tell you about soon.



This week I dropped off my stars to Maryann. She was stringing together stars for the installation at the big design market at the exhibition buildings. I worked there last night, and the stars are absolutely stunning, such an inspiring project. My hands were too full to take a picture, but here are some pictures from our workshop a  couple of weekends ago at Craft.



Ghost Town

Tumbleweeds are rolling by. Someone's whistling. I have been thoroughly enjoying the post exhibition quiet times, and vaguely dreading the pack down which will happen too soon.

The exhibition is on until the 30th of November at Craft, so please check it out if you are in the neighbourhood. I am pleased with it, and kind of amazed we made it, (an exhibition opening with an 8 week old baby) it was mostly enjoyable, if a little exhausting. I have to thank Isobel for being amazing, and all the artist's and helpers too. And a big thank you to the little baby for being relaxed and easy going.

What now? I've been marvelling at the poppies, carnations and roses and generally loving being in the garden. We planted tomatoes, bok choy, capsicum, eggplant, peas, rocket, radishes, basil, cucumbers and more. We have been eating broad beans, tiny strawberries and silver beet galore. I pickled the last of the beetroot. I dug up the horseradish and made it into 6 small jars of horsey kick.

We had a chutney club meet here yesterday, which was, as always lovely. Good friends, lots of delicious things to eat, Flieshy's cumquat, Drew's smoky pear, Kate's pickled mushrooms, Don's watermelon pickle, Rachael's brioche etc.

The baby is absolutely delightful, full of smiles and happy shrieks. Looking, chattering and growing bigger and we are enjoying every day of it.



All is well in the land of Dell. Just a little baby blooming and an exhibition looming, so frankly I have better things to do, like stamp little feet. Animation takes longer and I have a lot of it to do, in the little windows of time I get. Apart from an exhibition, Isobel and I delivered a school holiday workshop at Tarrawarra Museum. We made masks with kids, and had them animate, inspired by the exhibition Animate/Inanimate.

Stitching time opens at Craft on the 17th of October. We have a couple of workshops running during the exhibition, including a Phenokistoscope workshop, the one below is by Maureen Watts and if you want to make your own piece of magic with us, you can book online or at Craft.