We had some time in Tasmania in winter. It was bright and fresh.


Fertile Ground

This is a detail from my weaving for Fertile Ground 2014. An exhibition of work by Artists in Residence at the Australian Tapestry Workshop in 2014.

Lyndall Watson, Michelle Hamer, Storm Gold, Caroline Phillips, Vicki Mason, Natasha Dusenjko, Troy Emery, Gillian Lavery, Dell Stewart, Emily Ferretti and Nikos Pantazopoulos.

Opening tomorrow, Tuesday 24 March 6- 8pm.
Exhibition runs from Wednesday 25 March to Friday 1 May and the workshop is well worth a visit, I love it there.


TV eyes

It's the end of the year. I'm sharing some videos I liked this year, for various reasons, some clever, some dumb. Happy New Year!

Murlo — Into Mist

I often hate the look of it, but 3D can be so good, mostly when it isn't trying to replicate the real world.

M.I.A. & The Partysquad - Double Bubble Trouble

I always love M.I.A. videos, and this awesome mess is directed by M.I.A. herself.

This one's a fashion film, but you know, I like it. Sparkly amazing kid from that Sia video. Contemporary dance makes sense in music videos, and fashion makes sense on film, with music. 

Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers

I love the animated gore when the bots go bad.

Liars — Mess on a Mission

I often love Liars videos too.

Major Lazer ft. Laidback Luke & Ms. Dynamite - Sweat

卡莉怪妞 -- Kira Kira Killer

I couldn't do a music video collection without a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu one. Not my favourite, but still worth watching.



Happy Christmas to all. We had a sweet time, baby knows about presents now. How delightful.


Emerald Hill

I'm a little slow to let you know about this, but I am giving a free workshop for children this Sunday from 10 til 4 at the Australian Tapestry Workshop as part of their program for the Emerald Hill Festival. 

In this drop-in workshop, Dell Stewart will give you a hands-on introduction to stop-motion animation as well as an opportunity to contribute to a group project. It will be shot using elements from around the workshop, including, bobbins, yarn, cones, tapestry samples and found objects. Dell has delivered various animation projects and workshops, most recently Animate/Inanimate at Tarra Warra Museum of Art (2013), Intersteller Exchange at Craft (2013) and Animal Self Portrait (2011) at Artplay.



This charming band are playing tonight! Supporting Inevitable Orbit and Mad Nanna at Dane Certificate's Magic Theatre in Brunswick.



In the short time I have, I'm learning to weave, and watching the weavers. I could spend days just picking colours, it's all a great pleasure. I have to put the brakes on a bit, my head runs away with many plans of things to make – it's such slow work –and there is so little time. 

There is a sea of yellow and orange yarn on the tables for the John Olsen work on the loom, it's almost finished. I'll miss all that colour.



One feels like a big thing, reflecting on what has happened in a year with a brand new person around. Life is sweeter with company, though I get nothing done.

We've had a month of winter ills, but feeling a little better the last two days. Bring on the spring clean, I need it, and so does the house.