LOOk mum no hands!

Melbourne is a good bike town. mostly flat. I like riding a bike. it’s quicker than walking and I get impatient.

It can be scary. I have had car doors opened onto me heaps of times… but only once have I hit one at speed… I had massive bruises across my boobs for weeks. it can be fun to show people the scary bruises. the driver/door opener was terrified. I don’t blame him with a tangled up girl and bike suddenly in his lap.

look in the mirror. look in the mirror.

brookie got hit by a 4wd the other night. i worry. here’s her bruise.

brookie got hit by a car

but I can’t be all high and mighty. I have had heaps of drunken bike incidents that didn’t involve others at all. so I’m luckier than I deserve.
I started serious post-graduate study in a short dress with two gravel rash knees, from falling off my bike on my doorstep on the way home from a party. but the drunk stuff never hurts as much as when your sober.

I hit a pothole in the road. broad daylight on the way to work, on a quiet street in Fitzroy. went over the handlebars and crash. I had cut up hands and shoulders and knees and face. ripped my favourite t-shirt… a shirt that just that morning I hadn’t let Drew wear home cause It’s MY favourite. bad dell.

karma. I’m a believer.

so there I was, on the street. unable to get up. 3 people walked past without so much as an ‘are you ok?’ instead crossing the street to the other side. PEOPLE… I know it’s near smith street and all, but junkies don’t usually overdose wrapped in a bike.

a nice hippie girl helped me up and walked me down the hill to the doctors. waited with me cause I had fainted twice already. thanks nice hippie girl.

karma. I’m a believer.

my fingernail was sliced off. yuck. I’m no good with blood and stuff. that’s why I faint. but I’m pretty rough & tumble. within a few hours I was showing it off as my new project. look, no fingernail ew.

a week later. look, still no fingernail. ew.


but do I think of ANY of this when I suggest simon triples me and kate on his new gay bike… to dumpling town … nuh. I even took photos.


it’s all fun and games till someone loses a fingernail.

then it’s more fun and games. LOOK no fingernail.

see. how’s that for some roundabout, no point to it story.

have a nice day. ride safe.


Anonymous said...

why stroll when you can roll?

a loves d
a misses d
a wants d to come to canada

hell said...


i miss you sweetheart.

we are having a fundraiser in a month. get dell out of this town. people will be truly sick of me by then!

then i'll come to canada.

so expect me maybe next year sometime.

when i have saved some money cause right now i'm BROKE.

love you chica

rhymes with pony said...

i remember riding my bike at 3 in morning down a street in clifton hill in melbtown texting a girl, hitting the send button then looking up and seeing a parked car about 70cm in front of me. bang! one commando roll and i came of miraculously unscathed but looking sheepishly at the two hotties across the road.
dont text and ride fools