eh ho let's go

i watched the ramones documentary last night.
i looked into possible venues for my dance club.
i thought & thought of a grand money spinning scheme.
but, ALAS. to no avail.
concluded i best get a job.
also concluded i better get a house.
and be better at keeping in touch with my family.
i got an email from my aunt in new zealand telling me i need to call my mum in north queensland.
'so we know you are alive dell. we love you.'

speaking of love.
i'm going down to seventh gallery to visit lachael (sic) hooper. to laugh at the grazes on my knees caused by her crashing into a parked car whilst dinking me home.

the show on in the backroom is by the clever and handsome drew martin.
dear drew, built a bike. put it in the art gallery.
drew some pictures of his friends the plants. clinical, institutional drab but delightful. they make me feel a little sad, remembering the old man with his tinned fruit salad and custard.

anyway Melbourne. if you’re on Gertrude street go into seventh gallery and see the show. in the second gallery out the back. he’s clever & I love him.

enough to sit the gallery for three hours the other day. I must’ve used up a fair bit of my tolerance for sitting seventh gallery cause that three hours felt like at least double that. it was sunny. I stood on the street out front. got serenaded by a painter in overalls on his way to the milkbar and also on his way back..
‘lady in pink & red, long blonde curls & she smiles like an angel I’d like to see her smile again…’
he introduced himself and told me I’d made his day and if I were spoken for HE was a lucky man.
but he didn't bring me a pie. NO.

so I was hungry and sang songs about dying from lack of pies.
here lies dell, dead, starved from no pies.
which later featured in a ramones-esque song we played on the weekend.
does that round it up nicely. no. too bad.

ps. if you know of a house or a job for me...
nah don't worry about it, they'll find me...

talking of love. hi wardy. here's my favourite picture from the wolfmother show. backstage at the forum. no famous people here.
backstage at the forum
AND happy birthday to the most lovable flieschy. thinking on the luau today. costume suggestions anyone?
comin to the luau?
& cake suggestions anyone? upside down pineapple cake? this was cass's.
cass's birthday
why do i love so many scorpios? I GUESS I JUST DO.


Anonymous said...

hi face eater . . think you may have made my day ....

Anonymous said...

sort of ....

hell said...

ok then who are you?

fess up...

Anonymous said...

it's me.... the old man with his tinned fruit salad and custard

Djali said...

Dell, get back on the job!

rhymes with pony said...

so i get back into town and out you roll. @sigh@