The fridge chronicles

Some of you may know the tail, no tale of the fridge. annie & I were left fridgeless for 2mths after dan: he of many appliances (tv) (dvd) (fridge) moved out… but we were alright, livin on love alone.

we did fine, it was winter… but we needed one sometime and neither of us wanted to a) pay for it b) move a big fridge c) do anything really.

so when shane said he had one we could have, we were HAPPY. And he has a trailer… so we were getting a fridge, and he could bring it over, or something. well not so easy, maybe a week later annie roped in ed, an innocent customer at work, to deliver our fridge sunday morning. i was meant to help but went out saturday night and was totally unconscius at the time...

anyway, they got it... it was ugly... annie scratched off the ugly stickers and painted it black. we left it in the middle of the kitchen floor for a long time then we plugged it in. it shorted out, and everything in the house tuned off. fixed the fuse then tried again, same... so fridge no work. tried many times.

we put stuff in it for awhile, nice to get it off the bench. til we realised it was the nasty rotting cupboard of doom. everything went bad, in no time at all. i cleaned it out and left it for awhile, then one day put half a pumpkin in there.

2 days later i opened it and the pumpkin had grown a serious beard. white and long. i of course said gross and shut the door without doing anything. forgot about it. then my friend marcus came over and was looking in the fridge for some milk. i got in too late and he saw it. an empty fridge with a rotting pumpkin in it. and we seem like such nice ladies! well we're not..

i had a look at it and the beard had grown down through the shelves, quite distinguished really. yeah we need a real fridge.

2 days later marcus calls and says theres a fridge on napier st with a sign sayin it goes, just a bit noisy. if you want it.

do we want it?? yeah! so i go and have a look. looks alright. barfridge. small, portable, free... i run to the pub, get annie, kade borrows a trolley from the flower shop and annie & i run down the road to pick it up. she wheels me for awhile and i wheel her for awhile. then we wheel it home and sit it in the middle of the kitchen again.

we dont turn it on though, til kade comes over the next day and insists. annie refuses to paint it or anything. fuck that. kade turns it on. it goes! YAY! we are happy. bit noisy and vibrates the floor. but it goes! dreams of icecream and lemonade. and beer.

woo hoo. so we put the rotting cupboard out in the back alley. leaving the bearded pumpkin as is on the shelf. now this is where we get to NOW, and why this is still relevant. it's two months since we put it there. the fridge is still there. the pumpkin is still there. only smaller and blacker. and our fridge has been tagged. numerous times. it started with us. writing 'no work no mo' (simon) just in case anyone got the foolish idea to pick up a fridge off the street & think it might go. duh!

but its kind of cool. got graf allover. and this week someone wrote 'kold lover' on it in big pink marker. makin me happy. we check it everytime we go out the back door. still there. still got pumpkin inside, though not so safe to open it anymore, never know what you might catch. though couldn't be any worse than what a girl might catch floor dancing at ding dong. ahh the trials.

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