I just saw an add on gooooogle that said "technical superiority, easy as dell *TM"

News gets about.

I am planning an exhibition for before I leave, maybe from December 10. At home.

Annie's going – so its open slather to do as I will, though I surely will miss her. Shes camping with Kade for the week so I get a test run on the quiet life and it seems to be working thus far, I'm working harder than I have in months.

Not to implicate her in my own personal lack of motivation... ITS ALL MINE... I might blame John Howard.

so this's a invitation to submit by snailmail to those in the know, i want stories and letters & drawings & if that's too hard there'll be a new blog especially for the art show. cause i'm hooked. (finally found my ticket to nerdy behavior with BLOGS) it goes til the end of the year and i want contributions. real and internerd.
so yes that means you macEwans. and you too rachael. & the rest.

i'll post the link when i set it up sometime soon. i want stories and shit. I WANT I WANT I WANT... whats new?

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