a drunk post about the dirty lamborgini's...?

all class

they pretty hot, and don't you just wish you could see the photos from my camera tonight....! i've worked it out, but you know that as soon as i know how to post pictures, there be no words, only pictures of me... whatevs....! so to continue, tonight,

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(seems that time is nigh)

the panel of judges... can i just say BEST BAND in ages, & i have a new crush. all old conflicting crushes have previously been cashed in or are out of date. so should be no problem..
my crystal ball forsees many conflicting crushes, but for tonight thats it. full stop. crush.
BREAKING THE LAW are good too. old favourite band. got good pictures of them all. dingdongs got that pretty shiny stage thing going on...

breaking the law
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toilet tongue
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gon see the tranqs tomorrow night, tell ya all about it soon.. xxx dell...

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rhymes with pony said...

keep it rockin. try not to get crushed.