What i saw today, by dell.

It’s a cold sunny day and I’m at the gallery, for six hours.

I see four paramedics drive by. A mate visits to say hello. We give commentary as a young couple stop just outside the window to kiss and grope each other. They leave grease marks on the window, totally oblivious to us only a metre away. Kinda sweet, yet kinda gross. I witness a drug deal and think again of the four paramedics.

I have borrowed a friend’s digital camera and I take pictures of everything I can find in here. Of course I forget to take it out onto the street with me on my lunch break.

On smith street I see the most beautiful red ladies bicycle, a soft white seat. When I walk past again I see the most beautiful girl hopping on it. & she matches her bike. She is small and doll like, with a longish bowl cut and short fringe. She wears a white helmet, a red cardigan and short jeans similar to mine. ‘Their not your jeans’… I wish I had the camera.

It’s been the slowest day here. I also saw a fire engine.

Outside a woman and man share swigs from a bottle in a brown paper bag. She vomits on the footpath, then puts her finger down her throat to vomit again. Washing it down with another swig.

I see four kids from my classes at Fitzroy primary school, most going up to the milkbar to buy lollies. I go up to the milk bar to get a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich.

A woman and little girl walk by in beautiful matching tourquoise and pink rain hoody’s. They have amazing, black beautiful skin. It makes me glad we have a big window.

A man walks by with cropped hair, thick glasses, the biggest stomach, too big even for him, wearing short track pants and sandals with socks.
Lots of people look in the window. Not many come in.

A couple yell at one another and another fire engine passes. I hear the sound of another paramedic.

Only half an hour left, but now it’s pouring, freezing cold rain and I have to get into the city to give back this camera… wet wet wet.

No spray tan, never fear fans, it was just a funny joke. Ha.


little nemo said...

today we work so long that we ate dinner at our lunch cafe and then went back to work. left at 11:45pm.
I don't work on sunday; so a whole day of sun. I paint pictures, buy posters and plants, prob get lost again, jonny go HK, ride on a junk in the harbour. miss you and lots of others, give cass love.

hell said...

aye simon, miss you too. keep expecting to see you out everywhere, where you been?

got me thinking i might wither and die out there on my lonesome without all my people. nah. BIG hug though.