chutney club? surely not....

we had a chutney club meeting. in the remains of the party, good party filth floors…. mmmm, appetizing. went up on the roof, still lots of cushions left out and grandma blankets from last night, cass and Lydia & paul and kate lying up there talking. it was nice up there but was our most unenthusiastic meeting ever. when everyone left me & annie went to bed and did the party round up. ha ha... we laughed alot. brain fry... mmmm...as usual couldn't tell if it was good, or what we did, felt like I was running around all night. think it was fun? yeah. I had to keep taking people up into the sunroom to look down through the glass onto my bed. to demonstrate how great it is I took a picture.. but i'll show you later..

we had to stop talking about the party, annie suggested we talk about grease. I thought she meant Greece & asked if she had been. HAHA we laughed. then went on to talk about all the things we know about Greece. they had the oylmpics last year, they have the acropolis, democracy, dolmades and islands. then we talked about our favourite musicals, grease 1 & 2, the sound of music and rocky horror picture show. news flash, more greek topics… greek myths, bacchas god of wine and Helen of troy. and my friend Lydia is greek, she eats this crazy lemon, egg and chicken soup. her and paul get the award for favourite couple ever with annie and kade. love you all.

then games we played as kids, annie played office and fired employees, I played dead. staged numerous scenarios… crushed under large objects, tomato sauce spilling out and knife wounds, suicide and mysterious other deaths.

true shit.

write a book about it.

I pashed a cute boy, nah two, yay for parties. my house is gross, boo for parties. did anybody have fun? think so. did I? ummmm... mungo...

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ha. fancy 6 photos of me... with heidi... shes looking tough...

big smile dell & kade
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this looks a little painful, but it wasn't.

corey & dell
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deary me..

das butcher
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mmmmmn friendly people.

mark feary...smooth
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mark feary, smooth....me on the other hand

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what is with me huh, can i not keep a strait face... NO... is that a yawn? not cause he's not cute, he is...

and damn it i missed my chance at a photo of kade and jonny pashing! talk about art dialogue.

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