big day

today I picked two buckets of jaboticabas, they’re tropical tree grapes. sweet. they grow up the trunk of the tree, so you have to climb right into the tree to pick them. then I picked a bucket of cherry guavas. there are lots of spiders in the tree. uggghhh. then I made jelly. cherry guava jelly is delicious.

I also picked passionfruit, sweetcorn, yellow sapote’s, pumpkin, macadamia nuts, cherry tomatoes, bush lemons, oranges, & tea. lots of spiders in the tea too.

mum and dad left this morning and my grandma and her dog lou came to visit me for the weekend. I didn’t go anywhere, it’s been pouring all day, they say it’s the cyclone building in the gulf.

grandma dell is a former concert pianist and she is on holiday but she played the piano a lot today. my mum has a huge sheet music collection, so she just went through and site read different pieces. it sounded beautiful. makes me wish I was able to remember some of what I learned.

nope. I’m practicing. no one has to listen to it here.

i did some drawing, show you soon, kate. then I cooked a chocolate cake for my boys. like I said, big day.


wolfgang & vincent said...

it all sounds beautiful dell. cass and i talked about you today - you are missed. have fun up there x

hell said...

thanks vitti, give cass a kiss for me..x

danno said...

Hey Dell...sounds like you're having fun. Yummy guava jelly sounds great. Cool pix of the crew at the Town Hall too...you crazy kids!!!Later

C Scott said...

Can you provide your recipe for guava cherry jelly please? I have a shrub full of fruit and would like to make some jelly.