LAST DAYS boating bbqs & goodbyes

tuesday night last supper at the napier. lots of people wearing garage sale produce. yay. family photos on the steps of Fitzroy town hall, thanks to lovely lisa from the pub for photographing us on her break.

wednesday was the boating day. rendevous on greeves street for a afternoon of sailing. little yella drove us to the market for picnic items and champagne. then to the boathouse to recover the ‘queen of the chandler’, moored on the banks of the lovely yarra. we had a successful launch. got the music playing. pulled out the parasols. nobody fell in and got liver disease. a success all round.

bbq at cass’s. tired. sat in the pool. sighed a bit. slept. met up with some people for goodbyes. there was a few tears.

off to the airport but had the real last supper at laksa king *OH MY GOD IT WAS GOOD* in Flemington with the most lovely, kate von airport de la matthews. got there early to pay large amounts for excess baggage and drink beer. got caught by the fuzz trying to take pictures of them drinking at the bar, 3 severe cases of hungry fat police bums... 'i hope i'm not in those photos' fat lady cop. 'nope' me showing one of the many pictures of me on my camera. hah! hungry bum spotting.

then gave kate a last minute haircut to remember me by. so if she sneers a bit when you mention my name… don’t believe her. she still loves me. and tell her the haircut is good. I liked it. might need a little more work though I had to run off half way through. plane to catch.

I miss you.

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