ridin' the rails...

I just finished dubbing some video footage I shot on a trip to Sydney last year. I went up with the tranquilizers, who had a gig at the hopetoun. we drove up in the day. not me, I still can’t drive. I sat in the tarago, lookin out the window & talking with the boys. YAY. I love rock n roll and adventure. & I love road trips. and would nearly always go if given the opportunity. that’s how I ended up in Melbourne maybe 6 years ago. drew told me he was driving to Melbourne. we’d only been together for a few months, but hell. I got there and I stayed there. mostly cause I couldn’t drive away in the first year. then I came to like it, them more recently to love it. then I left.

I’m about to go on a train trip. I have foolish romantic notions about train travel. I am, however fully prepared for these to be shattered. my train travel in France and Spain is about as far removed from the sunlander as you could get. a day on a train only to get to goddamn mackay. BLAH. but I’m still a little hopeful. and there’s certainly nothing romantic about a bus. fuck that. I might resort to hitchhiking on the way back.

anyway shattering foolish romantic notions may well be a black rebel activity. I’ll let you know the prognosis. roadtrips sure are. daytrips too. adventure in general. so you’ll here all about it.

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Anonymous said...

hey dell...went for a coffe at newtown today and saw annie and kate...they be cool..anyway..you should link to my blog what i started a few weeks back: http://spottyconfidential.blogspot.com/

hope qld is good!