get yr guns

my nine year old nephew alfred stayed with me on the weekend. he provides a constant sountrack of beatbox guns expolsions & death...

he found a euro dollar in my bag.

"can i have it"
"yeah but don't put it in your mouth, you'll swallow it"
"i've already got four dollars in my belly"
"what, it never came out? "
"nah, i'm keeping it for my x rays"

they don't have a tv at home so when he stay's over he wants to watch terminator and spiderman over and over again... i wanted to watch the news. in disgust with me, [can you blame him really] every time he walks past the tele it gets mowed down with a machine gun.

then on leaving i ask if he left anything in the room, " just some dna on the sheets and pillowcases." ok. thanks for that alfie...

and to add to my missing everyone here is the no. 1 lady detective annie studd.

annie get yr guns

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rhymes with pony said...

man, dont mess with that bitch. she looks like shes come to collect the rent.