monday's-tuesday's ups & downs

i'll try to sum it up.
kungfu hustle at the embassy theatre. YAY.
drinking beer at the cinema at 2:00 in the afternoon.
drinking beer after the movie. talking about knitting & nanna's & kungfu.
getting drunk.
visiting fancy bayside apartments to play records and dance.
taking many polaroid photos.
trying on toolbelts, knitted undies & gunbelts. admiring chainsaws, buckets & gumboots, and lots of other things too.
getting too drunk.
regretting alot of the photos.
hitchhiking home with a bleeding hand. maybe because i was wearing a nice fingerless glove & needed to share it with the public.
feeling very wrong working with children tuesday afternoon.
feeling much better having dinner at my 85 year old neighbours house chatting about art & working on films and life in the tropics. and how to make great apple crumble.
very happy to climb into bed.
ups & downs.
bums & bulletbelts

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