truly she is none other

in the words of some truly great people.

rhymes with hell... i fear kate may have started something with that....

she's not BAD, ROTTEN... cass kowalski though he means it in the best possible way i'm sure...

that, muffin is fucken trouble.... matty

she's got eyes of the bluest skies & if they thought of rain... i'd hate to look into those eyes & see an ounce of pain... gun's n roses**

wooooooh ohohoh sweet love of mine..... ooooo where do we go now, where do we go, where do we go now, where do we go... ai ai ai ai ai

BURN DOWN THE TOWN! kate on my leaving...

i'm back... it's all a bit troublesome really. BUT we should rejoice. I missed melbourne & i missed you. YES YOU

don't beleive the hype, it's a sequel.
wise words indeed from FLAVA FLAV

which is my disclaimer if i am no fun, or if now i wanna be your dog... iggy & the stooges

so come on.

oh yeah dell get a fucking phone. brooke.

** what you didn't know that song was for me? well friend. now you know...

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