simple pleasures

I have a minor affliction. I stop to smell the roses. all the time. its taking me ages to get anywhere. my current neighbourhood is full of them. some of them don’t smell good at all. some do. I smell them again and again.

a little lady caught me on Thursday. she was about to tell me off. thinking I was going to steal her rose, but I just lent down and sniffed it. smiled at her and sniffed it again. she laughed at me. you know when something’s so good you sigh out loud.

an example. MMMMMMM mangoes. make me happy.

I’m enjoying lots of simple pleasures but I’m not gonna go into it here.

love dell, wishing you well
with your various afflictions.

it’s spring & we all know what that means. hope you don't get hayfever like me so's you can enjoy it..


Sherriff said...

You smell like flowers. Open ones.

Anonymous said...

You should try mangoes from MOZAmbique (my home-place). When my GF when there she got a mango-thing, she couldn't stop smelling them. Basically, perfect and juicy and I had to agree. Mozambique has the best tropical fruit I've tried, and shrimps!



hell said...

thanks blossom. hi rui