& so i goes...

we went to ceres. black sheep. kind of brown really.
brown sheep long tail
ate & drank with ladies at my house. went out. got impatient. went home.
i potted plants in the backyard with don playing guitar. then played glum gang with simon.
lost in the hoodthen these two found me. trouble in brown. drinking rum in the park. then the pub.
about to crumble
a few hours later i left em on the couch. brown couch disaster.
the brown couch disaster
bbq. kade made a sausage. it was long, & it tasted good. we drank too much wine. bad.
kade made a sausage
i woke up sad.
but saw some bluegrass & ate pies with brookie & went to pub with paul to see some japanese pop, even though we were wearing the same tshirt.
we are the mods
i loved it. made me happy. music makes me happy.


Djali said...

Made me happy. Your blogs make me happy ...and wait a minute, I also have have a shirt that looks suspiciously simmilar, what's going on?!

rhymes with pony said...

cool story hansel