it's a boy!

hello little sailor.

welcome to the wide world.

annie my love has a beautiful baby boy. kade does too and i love him too. double good.

i going to meet him now...

very exited aunty dell. YAY.


rhymes with pony said...

say congrats to annie. i must apologise for not saying congrats earlier but i have been coping with the trauma of annie being snatched from any possible future marriage to my good self.z

danno said...

wow Annie has a baby!!! turn your back for nine or so months and look what happens! please please please congratulate her for me

also good to see youre back in town Dell

catch you all soon hopefully

Anonymous said...

cam and ang in canada are soooooooo happy for aunty del
oh yeah annie and kade too...
yah how excitement!!!!
please pass on love and happiness
and congratulations.