bright light

not even a glimmer of inspiration here.

dead head.
things i learned on the weekend.

i got no arse to shake. it's a pity cause i like to shake it.

amazing footage of amazing dancers makes you want to dance in a totally inadequate imitation.

watching beautifully shot 70's soft porn only makes you want to watch real porn. (or make your own)

unllikely people are probably the most likely.

yum cha is a happy happy land.
(even when you've had 2 hours sleep and suffer waves of nausea & anna keeps grabbing sago pudding and placing pretty coloured medicine flavoured jelly on the lazy susan)

it's worth getting out of bed on sunday morning to show your friends you love them.

it's worth calling that boy, even if you feel surly and heart-achey for no reason. he might even play you some good old-timey music.


sharone bond said...

wow, your 'unlikly people' remark, it really hit a spot..words of wisdom

hell said...

thanks for coming.
glad theres a little wisdom in the mire.

Djali said...

So much for dead head, them are wise wise words. Especially about the beautiful soft porn - so true so true, best make your own. But who is the boy? Don't be a tease, do tell.


No need for hibiscus flowers, red scarfs or funny hats, you will just know. XX

rhymes with pony said...

no, thank you dell. your presence at yum cha was an excellent bday present and itll be a while till i get the image of your beautiful bedraggled self scaling the steps of shark fin inn.