meredith standoff

meredith standoff
i was given a complimentary ticket and ride to meredith. thanks. it was my first time. i liked seeing tent city. tent suburbs. caravans on the hills. dust. pretty trees. camping ingenuity, also some not so ingenius; we saw quite a lot of flat tents in the wee hours of the morning. (how much would it suck to finally give in on drinking to crawl back to your recently built home to find it flat and dewy and freezing).

there were lots of good people to look at, coming together and being friendly. not sure how many good feelings i contributed to the atmosphere, I made a friend in the crowd, a girl apologized to me in the event that she had done something to upset me. she thought she had spilled a drink on me and I was about to start a rumble. HA. I never knew I could look so mean, especially not when I was just vagued out staring at the sky above wolfmother. both kate and don have called me crazy eyes stewart lately, so maybe I need to remember I can look nasty. particularly when hungover & tired & preoccupied with my dumb life.

she ended up introducing me to her boyfriend and telling me my evil death stare was quite alluring. see. friendly. she also asked me to come to tai chi in the morning but I didn’t make it.

it’s nice to bond with people in a collective way, even dazed drugged freaks who have mud on their faces. sometimes.

driving out felt a little like a deleted modern scene from the proposition. not sure of the soundtrack (it wasn’t nick cave moaning) but the post apocalyptic hangover was making it’s presence felt, though mine would’ve been nothing on most.

standing up in the crowd on eskys, admiring peoples dirty dirty feet and discussing brown dust snot, drinking from cans, eating oranges & corncobs, missing the only bands you want to see and watching, slightly appalled at others. huddling with handsome strangers to keep warm, trying to dance to keep warm, but scowling at annoying early morning djs (or whatever) yell all over any good song they half played. but it would be against the spirit of the event to moan about it. I enjoyed it all, it’s Australian in a good way, which was good to see, when we know there’s lots that’s bad.

i also had a ride on the ferris wheel, and saw my beautiful friend from up high. it looks like they're about to draw their weapons huh. count to ten. that man is about to fall.


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Anonymous said...

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rhymes with pony said...

i thought it went like this:
your dirty sweet cadillac towed me back and i love you.
your dirty and sweet oh yeah.
Well your slim in the week and youve got the teeth of the hydra upon you

no what i want to say is this:
Well you're dirty and sweet, clad in black
Don't look back and I love you
You're dirty and sweet, oh yeah
Well you're slim and you're weak
You've got the teeth of a hydra upon you
You're dirty sweet and you're my girl.

Get it on, bang the gong , get it on
Get it on, bang the gong, get it on

You're built like a car, you've got a hub cap diamond star halo
You're built like a car, oh yeah
You're an untamed youth that's the truth with your cloak full of eagles
You're dirty sweet and you're my girl.

cool photo. i went to meredith and spent the whole time in my tent smoking bush kiff and sleeping...alone.

Cameron said...

Hey there lovely lady; yes I agree that there is nothing more Aussie that standing hungover in a field full of other bright young things, all the while expelling dust and god knows what else from all of one's orifices. Keep on lovin in the free world!