apologies for the JUVENILE post prior to this one. this might make kate not cross with me. though she's pretty cute when she's cross.


it was a hot and stormy night, and the prediction is for a warm and UNSETTLED week. BUT this monkey slept better than I have in a long time. warm and unsettled predictions sound hellish and make me want to book that ticket to queensland as soon as possible. so I can be undeniably undoubtedly HOT, but in close proximity to some green trees and waterfalls.

I’m going to ding dong tonight cause THE FOOD GROUP are playing and I need more beer & rock n roll in my diet.

YOU, yes YOU! should come too, oh, & it’s mum smokes cd launch too. and they win the prize for best band name in town. the crayon fields are playing too, but it’s best if I say nothing about them.

oh it’s matty b’s ‘birthday party’ at the retreat Saturday and no doubt there will be lots of pretty ladies.

I need an early sleep cause I’m no 1. supporter for my friend who is swimming the port to pier race. she can swim so I guess it will all be ok. GO HOOPER!

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rhymes with pony said...

go hooper
god ell