it's raining, it's pouring

cyclone kate brings heavy monsoonal rain. it's nice to go to sleep to at night.

i just baked another sticky ginger cake.

yum. um.

i forget how to use words. this place does this to me. i get a little zoned out and happy. no need to think too much. beyond what record shall i play? what book shall i read? what shall i cook for dinner?

todays pick of my dads records... the animals, the easybeats, roy orbison, rollingstones, television, leonard cohen.
and reading? the education of little tree, by forest carter. i wholly recommend this book to everyone. i love it. maybe because i grew up in the hills with a dad who spoke & thought quite a bit like granpa, still does. the voice of little tree hits me smack bang in the heart. i bawled my eyes out reading it the three times i have.

here is my blue eyed boy. valentine. he is too quick for everyone. too damn cute for his own good and TROUBLE.
blue eyes
he is two and has already driven two cars into things. he can climb and get into everything. he sings hey hey the muffin man on demand.

i drove up to herberton with my mum. the range is windy and scary, shear hillslopes right at the edge. then you get into the rainforest. mt hypipamee national park. which always reminds me of primary school sports day. our house was hypipamee.

H! Y! P! - IPA - M! E! E! yeah hypipamee!


ms fits said...

hey DELL you wanna make some cakes with me soon?

That is not some kind of metaphor, neither.x

little nemo said...

nice to see you in the wild again.

hell said...

mmmm, cake.
it would be a pleasure ms fits...

i'm all yours for cakes and such when i return.
which is the 11th i think.

rhymes with pony said...

come back safely and surely. looks good to get away , i want tocome with you at least once b4 i turn 30 (to pick adate at random