I for one plan to embrace these days and sleep and write and draw my pictures. my head works again. and I’m thinking. and I’ll listen to records on my lovely new record player. it’s very handsome and I bought it at a garage sale on Saturday for five bucks! BARGAIN. pity I only have three records to play at the moment. with the others floundering in a box in someone’s garage. (someone I can’t speak to anymore)

happy birthday pat. we played lawn bowls on sunday. hot. then had a pool party in the backyard to cool off. watching a handsome young tennis player lose and then say it was amazing AHHH. anyway.

pats moustasche

annie & I made a moustache cake for patty. old bastard. it really was quite handsome. A cinnamon & chocolate mud cake.

I guess I better get my cheater outfit ready for his animal party*
CHEETAH. so very fast. I used to be a sprinter when I was a cub.

*not in any way related or inspired by MY monkey party. YEAH RIGHT.

looking forward to panel of judges at the tote on friday night with love of diagrams and kes... also HOOP club is starting...


Anonymous said...

all of canada wants to know if the hoop club is all about hooper?

little nemo said...

nice cake. I'm awake again. kind of.

Anonymous said...

will there be a stew club?
how about a fair club?
a stud club?
an eckers?
how does simon make his dino move?

problematic said...

steak club...button club...knitting club...dance club (what happened to that?)...pet club...kareoke club...