I had a happy & delightful weekend with my FAVOURITE people in the world. not ALL of them were there, but a lot were.

I laughed so much my belly still hurts. for that I blame Rachael Hooper. & Emma Fleischmann. oh yeah, & debonair donald for making me go to his birthday. I made him a funny little log cake.

meet my fellow choreographer, in the upcoming inaugural meeting of MY school of dance... STOP, DROP & ROLL. not sure what we'll teach you yet, but you can bet you'll learn somethin from us despite our strictly unprofessional & mostly unskilled demeanor.

black & blonde & pale

sailor smiles, and looks like his beautiful mum, tres BELLE annie! I look like a dumb grinning fool, but the most beautiful baby IN THE WORLD would do that to you too...



rhymes with pony said...

i have composed a poerm in honour of your new stop drop and roll dancetech

wanna be your funky DANCER
number one, sweet ROMANCER
tripping the light FANTASTIC
crazy moves like a holy SPASTIC

(i made the lines rhyme)

ms fits said...

I dreamed about you ALL last night, lovely lady...you were so busy. Making crafty 70's bikinis from old catalogues, organising mammoth share-houses in old music schools, baking cakes...

It is definitely a sign. I will be away until after Easter. Let's make plans. x

hell said...

what lovely comments, poetry & dreams... yay for me, and you aswell. how gay.

dancetech. next weekend pony.

ms fits. i AM busy, but with different things BUT would love to make a time for you.

call me when you're back.