home sweet

home. i moved house. i have set up my room for the first time since i left 18moths ago. it feels good to not be living out of a suitcase. and even better to sit here with a hot chocolate, my record player playing, my computer, broadband, a book. IN MY BED... why leave? ever...
oh ok, to get a dvd from the loungeroom and make a pot of tea.


thats me & the monkey by miss kate. bye & i miss kate. hope you all had a good easter. x

this is me & don. housemates. we played music in the shed all afternoon. pity for me I’m not allowed near the drum kit in any kind of fun way. I like to hit em hard. and the neighbours in the million dollar house nextdoor have just had twin babies and they don’t like my style… ar well a bit of howling will have to do for the moment.

dell don

i like living here, with flieschy & lou too it's like a big sleepover...

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i miss dell