the quiet life

apart from a bit of rock n roll i've been living the quiet life... too many creeps cross my path lately, i was followed home saturday morning by a man with his pants down... wanker... i yelled then ran.

BUT, despite that, i feel like dancing. a party tonight? SURELY... so, cmon, give it up... or i'll be at home again, cooking, eating and playing the fool... which is alright, but there's no handsome strangers here, are there...



TOBYtoby said...

It does seem such a shame to waste a perfectly excellent Monday night followed by a PUBLIC HOLIDAY.

The only thing I can think of is Weekender ... at the Laundry. The music is always OK as long as you like it indie and British. Other than that, no idea.

hell said...

thanks tobytoby... i love it when people respond!

& yes, why not have ANOTHER hangover... keep it consistent