highlights, or nine kinds of cheese

I spent two and a half hours on public transport today, sometimes that gives me the blues… what made it ok was some of the people I saw were really good. high on the list was Irina who convinced me to stick around for dinner and try her Russian mushroom soup. MY GOD am I glad I did that. YUM.

highlights from my weekend, were adam, and adam taking Friday off to hangout with me. VERY GOOD MAN. bagels for breakkie. hanging out. then the party at drews house. a room full of favourites can be overwhelming for a girl. especially a drunk one. but that’s ok. we all survived. and I LOVED that party… even though I shudder at the thought of me playing with the tranquilizers. besides, at the time I had fun.

chutney club was on Sunday, and I still am very happy to have it. sitting around with a bunch of mates with a huge selection of delicious cheeses, meats, crackers, wine, fruit and homemade chutney equals all kinds of good. bbq sauce too and eggplant pickle and my quince paste.

chutney club

yeah, life is sweet.

I also booked my ticket to qld. my mum turns fifty. I need at least a month in the tropics with her for that. goodbye Melbourne’s September. goodbye hayfever. hello sunshine.

now, countdown to September.

see you at the pony party... giddy up.

want to know more? GIDDYUP!


ms fits said...

what exactly is this pony party then, hmm? My link leads to an error message. OR IS THAT THE IDEA. x

hell said...

ok ms i think i fixed the link, giddyup