tick tick tock

goes the clock.

head gone...

i woke at three in the morning. head full of new stuff. tick tick tock.

i am stupid happy monkey giggling all night runnin about with a silly grin. it's probably best i stay away from my friends to avoid too much ridicule...

double trouble

but in case you forgot what i look like. that's me in the hood. there's a wolf out there somewhere too. his name is adam and he took this. good huh.

i have been hatching lot's of schemes and plotting lots of activities so hopefully i'll entertain you soon. i'm certainly entertaining myself. a big part of the exitement is all about black rebel sleeping club. so wait with baited breath for that one. it's the next big thing and you heard it here first. ok then bye.


wolfie said...

come here breakfast

problematic said...

oh i do like wolves. superwolves. and dancing with wolves. my friend and i have a lovely japanese accent way of saying wolves.


'kebin cost-en-a-do, in dan-ces wit wool-a-ba-zus'

i do look forward to all your unhatched plans, i have plans too, big sleeping plans would you believe? and they involve taking pictures of your bed in the morning.

shh. dont tell anyone.

do we get sleepovers?

longest comment in the world of blobbing goes to...


happy cold days. i head to your parts of the world soon.


sublime-ation said...

hey there little red riding hood

alwaysawake said...

Look what i went and did.

hell said...

what did you go and do?