i have been working with clever simon.

{ lost in the woods }

making pretty things...

cutting cutting (crooked) glueing glueing, & breaking breaking lots of blades on the nasty toothy saw that i love...

i am exited about the prospect of our new studio. which we get keys for today. we call it the penthouse... we are having drinks to celebrate tonight. at seven. nicholas building, level 9 studio three. we have a lovely view of that church, saint someone? paul? mark? and fedsquare and stuff and a delightful checker-board floor... wide window ledges to sit on and ponder what work should be done...

our new studio

come look, if you're in the neigbourhood. all but sinister stalkies are most welcome...


problematic said...

can i come? i might be sinister?

rhymes with pony said...

you be sinister ill be stalkie

word verify is smhcb: sydney morning herald closed band (radio)?
simon makes hand crafted badges?
simply moaning hard causes boredom?
slowly mooch and harass cute bloggers?

hell said...

yes both come

sublime-ation said...

new studio exciting
i love that building

now that i have been let out of the writer's cage of hell
i will be visiting the nicholas
to visit friends and accidentally bump into dell

birdie said...

Look at all your little bottoms pokeing out. The new studio looks lovely and big and white! Wish i was there to drinks some beers with you. Bird

problematic said...

i didnt go, too busy smooching.
more about that later.
it looks lovely the little stoodi-o.
ill have to come and visit some other time.
word verification:
name for your studio:
kyote headquaters

thank me later.