this monkey holds pepper and the bananas hold salt.

also, this handsome ice-cream is a cunningly disguised bubble-blower*....

salt & pepper monkey

my balcony gets about an hour of sunshine each day. it coincided with my lunch break which makes me happier about the day... it's busy down in the alley and i got the ice-cream bubble blower out and made thousands of bubbles in the wind, falling down to the shoppers below... it is amazing how nobody EVER looks up when walking through the lane, even when bubbles are appearing from the heavens... just two, yes two, smoking boys followed them to the source and smiled at me. maybe smokers have more time to look about... hmmm...


adam came home for lunch and took this photo. that's also GOOD

*discovered at safeway by kate

GOOD kate!


sublime-ation said...

I love bubbles
good to have you back dell
the blogosphere is better off with you
you provide bananas, monkeys, bubbles and sunshine
which we need now more than ever

Sherriff said...

That monkey contraption is truly the coolest thing EVER.

tex martini said...

I used to live in that laneway. It is a great spot. You'll have a mad time there, but watch out for sneaky hookers late at night.

Ben.H said...

Monkey = Pepper
Banana = Salt

brAne HuRtz! plpiqi

hell said...

shit, ben.
you're hurting me with uR HuRtz!