expect even better

I really liked this washing machine. Though the sentiment just about sums up Relentless Optimism* for me...

'Expect Even Better' James Lynch.

expect even better
Rob McHaffie's good, though i doubt anything he did could please me more than this particular painting. I LOVE IT. look at it! go on!

Enough from me... go see it.

*Opening tonight Carlton Hotel.


irina said...

thought you might find this amusing :)

Anonymous said...

sorry, incorrect link.
here, try again http://www.flickr.com/photos/annpatt/388175334

Ben.H said...

My god, the Carlton Hotel. I nearly got killed there by a man called Johnnie Walker. That's not an anthropomorphism: he showed me his birth certificate and then tried to punch me out.


sublime-ation said...

The Carlton has to be the most extreme makoever of a pub anywhere. I completely believe your Johnnie Walker story.