who ate all the pies

brookie was bemoaning the fact that she always gets stuck with pie-eating men. she has been a vegetarian forever.

i don't eat meatpies, but i LOVE bacon, roast lamb/beef/pork/chicken, and tender, aged, steak makes me very happy, but i try to go for quality over quantity... happy animals over ground up bits of factory meat. that said i don't mind some good sausages*

*do you hear me sausage club? or jonathan of collingwood?

'are they all like that?' she asked.

'nuh, look at poor vego adam and ed, stuck with sausage-eating dell and rachael...'

at this point i think we both spilled beer on ourselves...


Ben.H said...

Steven Seagal. Steven Seagal ate all the pies.

Veggo boys with carniverous girlfiends? Has the world gone mad?

(Answer: Yes.)

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

i'm concerned for the accuracy of your reporting.

ate a piece of chorizo,
melbourne city