i was trying to distract sailor from the fact his parents had just left, we were looking for the cat. but no Louis Austin to be found. instead a wee bird landed on my head, which was way cooler.

i was holding a baby with a bird on my head.

that's pretty amazing.

it didn't seem to want to leave, i reached up and it jumped on my hand. then proceeded to make itself at home on my shoulder after i put sailor down. so there you go. me & the bird.

lookit my new birdie friend

it liked my hair and was thinking on moving in. or stealing some for it's golden nest. it only panicked a bit when sailor started squealing and trying to grab at it or poke it with a stick. otherwise i think he might've stayed forever.

so, for my next trick...

my next trick

yes i know. my hair does look like a birds nest. BUT ALSO, i am one with the creatures and the flying ducks on the wall.


rhymes with pony said...

such beautiful poise.
The birds very pretty too.
lets meet up and see what other creatures you are drawn to you.
like snow white.
but from queensland

Rach said...

That's beautiful! I'm so envious. I wonder why he liked your head? Indeed, just like snow white.