clever cunts

hi babies,

i went to platform last night for the launch of 'making space' it was crowdy and pleasing with two glasses of wine in my fists. rachael hooper's little city made me happy. look at it if you're passing by.

i later went to see a play by my darling's kylee brooke and joshua. they were wonderful. if you are feeling like the theatre i'd recommend it. tonight only. from 8:30 til 9:30. with bands afterwards and a party. with two of my favourites, dj delicious and crazy towering moose. at the warehouse, on the corner of johnson and chapel street fitzroy. enter via chapel street.

i will come after the old bar. gotta sell my tshirts and dance to my favourite band. miss bachelorette is lovely and ten rays are my new favourite band and i have only seen them in the garage.

i love all my clever friends.
yes you.
and you and you and you and on and on forever...


sublime-ation said...

Is it me or Texta that's boring?

Here I was thinking we both brought some colour into the world....

ps t shirts sound awesome

rhymes with pony said...

i am the crappest dj of saturday night. dj cant dance cant move cant care.
why didn't i know about the platform opening. bugger sounds good and i can grasp multiple drinks as you well know.

Rach said...

I saw you at Platform! I very nearly went up to say hi but then I came across all shy about saying that I recognise you from the internet.

Djali said...

You better watch it pretty lady, cos if I ever find you out and about...HA-RAH!