yesterday i visited neon parc. for geoff newton's new paintings. it was alright.

today i went to helen gory and saw some crazy ugly art. that was also alright.

between being rained on again, trying on and coveting expensive hi-tops and running for shelter i saw some clever anagrams at sutton gallery then walked around the corner to their warehouse to see nick mangan's new show. alright. then i went to conical and coveted their space... that's about it. i need a sleep.

anyway, i bet you can't get enough of my scintilating art coverage.

just to mix it up, i went to see 300 at the imax cinema. i laughed, alot. holy crap. WTF is wrong with david wenham's voice? anyway, it was worth it for one sword swinging scene. wow. also, some pleasing sprays of blood and limbs and bodies dropping.

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