Kareoke oke.
Atrocious singing, public embarrassment.
When will i ever learn?
I met Sadie and Scout and OOH and AAH'ed. So LOVELY. so teeny.
I saw 'The Italian' at Nova, and cried. Heartbreaking and beautiful. That boy killed me again and again.
So did Adam with his chilli choc-top coughs.
I dusted the whole wall of books in our bedroom.
Yes, I tidied, our bedroom is all bright and white and much better.
I NEED new clothes? What shall i make?
I perpetually have nothing to wear.
I have NO money. And no JOB. Again. Any ideas?
I must make something.
And discard and abandon a slew of half-finished, once-worn disasters of past efforts.
Why am I always bored of things before they are finished properly?
I did make this pot o' gold though. She's like a rainbow.
new tshirt
Is New York art dreaming really a waste of time?
Why aren't playschool calling?


adamsawake said...

but it was actually hurting me

sublime-ation said...

let's form an art band to make money to buy clothes and cool fabrics

hell said...

i know adam. but it was funny.

art band and money sadly don't go together in my head... but yes.

all of canadia said...

there is a new pom pom dress a-comin
won't be too long now