Dream on, cunt

dream on
That was really fun.
Once I got over being a tired, nervous wreck...
What could be up with a whole room full of the people I love. And even more total strangers...

Thanks for coming, really good to see you. Extra thanks to people who said nice things. Also for people who said hello.


problematic said...

it was beautiful! well done to you two.
i was sad i missed out on the 'SHH' piece.
and happy i met scout and sadie.

happy recovery! soon we shall drink tea.


sublime-ation said...

I am soooo pissed I missed it.
And the Slumps tell me you are headed for a world tour.
I wanted to buy a piece of Sleep Club.

Get better soon doll.

back said...
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ms fits said...

Ahem, I'll try that again....