more art

A list. this is all i can remember right now from the last week... this is only to trigger my memory... so sorry for tediousness.

i liked the paper weights at tcb.

Floats like a brick doesn't... yeah the show at bus was really nice.

Nick Mangan + Nick Selenitsch at rmit project space in cardigan street... collaborated and well catered with cheese.

& Bootlegger at until never... bandannas. BANANAS.

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Djali said...

Don't EVER apologise Dell.

I bumped into some of your friend's wares (the cheerful cushions and teatowel flags) the other night on the way to my car after work. What a pleasant surprise. I stopped and starred at them. Me freezing and depressed in the afterwork dark looking through glass at all lit-up and brilliant homewares displayed in the company of handmade sock monkies. Wish I had my camera.