My boyfriend

My boyfriend just made some new t shirts with 2 x 4. I love this hairy hrumpf. Its suits my grumpy face.


We have an exhibition on at Utopian Slumps and this weekend is your last chance to see it...

He is featured on desktop/desktop.

My boyfriend is a clever cunt.

He is having german lessons with a lady called ms Bonk.

We are moving to Berlin in november.


rhymes with pony said...

hmm. looks suspiciously like gloating.

Helen said...

If you move to Berlin in November, you ought to perhaps wait until March before you decide whether it suits you or not, as the winter is bleak and a low cloud settles over the city and stays and stays, and a lot of people leave. But then in March everything bursts forth green and beautiful, and everyone wears a fresh smile on their face.