I am sitting in my temporary canal house watching handsome dutchies ride by... it's pretty, it's autumn, it's sunny and it's unseasonably cold...

We have our clothes now, they arrived only ten hours after us, (lounging in emergency airport tshirts by the upstairs windows, like I said, watching the dutch ride by) we have bikes and we have been riding... It's as pretty as I remember, and they keep bringing us little biscuits with our koffie... I'm planning to stop eating them soon... I'm also planning to eat mushrooms and ride around the park all day... maybe neither is such a smart plan?

I'm on the otherside of the world, and now when i log into my blog it's all in dutch... nu opslaan? sjabloon? Hodfodamner!
na ja!

Maybe soon I will start sleeping at more normal hours, and maybe soon I will post some photos... But probably I will eat more cheese.


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