35 beers later
We met up with Jesse and Arla at a gorgeous tiled and chilly bar with a bloodless and stoney-faced barkeep.
They had just been telling of the off-season Slovenian hotel they'd stayed in where they were both pleased to find each other not murdered when returning from the shower.
The ladies toilet was an ice box and each time i thought I was locked in, long enough to notice details like the weird dark cupboard by the door and the crumbling dust across the floor and the walls that don't meet with the other walls, the ceiling sinking down and crumbling, leaving a black nothing to stare into and wonder when it's all caving in. I wasn't actually locked into the cold room and pulled into the creepy dark cupboard. It was just a dodgy key.
So I went back to the pretty bar and drank all the beer, and woke up sorely hungover, asking PLEASE for some baby juice (sunzest organic orange juice) and vegemite toast.

These are things I miss today.


rhymes with pony said...

interesting posture you have all developed.

Minta said...

hello dove love smooches kxx