The weather has decided not to bother with positive temperatures anymore, and my little frozen finger-tips tink tink on the keyboard, only because I've been out wandering the markets all morning... People have busted out the full length sleeping bag coats all around, and yet when you go out at night It's a burden to wear a big jacket...

I had a weird experience with a girl recognizing me from flickr at the gig we went to last night. Stranger on the other side of the world. Also saw mr Ian Wadley for beers and some faux sabbath german keyboard experiences in a smoky cave.

Have been busy making stuff when not sleeping or cooking or drinking beer or walking around in the cold.

Christmas has kind of snuck up on me despite all the quite delightful christmas cheer about the place... Ice skating in the square, tobogganing at Potsdamner Platz. Last christmas I was on a plane to New Zealand. It was cold there too. My memory has big holes in it. What did we do last night, let alone last year? Sometimes I wish I wrote more (and sometimes less) things down.

I hope you're all suitably festive for the season, and I don't necessarily mean drunk.


sublime-ation said...

wow flickr recognition.

I'm suitably festive, but am going to stop being drunk this week.
Last week was killa.

Minta said...

i made a pecan tart for my berfdee, just about to try it on for size...oh maybe i should say try it in for taste...merry xmas dove love.

rhymes with pony said...

well you are definitely the prettiest girl on flickr.
whatare you making at the moment?