Ich bin Krank

But otherwise, it's valentines day, and apart from meine liebe, herr haarig, I can't help but feel a little too faraway from a lot of my loves.... Annie! Ang! Brookie! Cake! Emma! Hoops! Kylee! Pene!

not so secret admiration society

Best go out and drink... But yeah, Ich bin krank... So probably not...
Probably just mope about the house with a headache...

Somehow appropriately, my friend Charlene forwarded me this piece of genius today... Wrong Town, Balloon Fashion, Nanna's toilet-roll covers... BUT THEN... maybe also somehow right?


Just don't ask the creepy balloon-tying man in the city to make you one... DON'T!

And behold!


all of canadia said...

Happy love heart day!
I miss you!

animaldelmar said...

hello miss krank! sorry i didn't write back earlier. if you're still ill, maybe i should come by your house for a visit? m x

cake said...

ich hoffe Sie fühlen besser
thanks for the birthday text, i sent one back... did you get it?