a status update

is looking for awkward in the thesaurus.
is ungainly.
is artless, blundering, unrefined, uncouth and graceless.
is trying to write something but it's like getting blood from a stone.
is consulting the thesaurus for new ways to say hard.
mmmm yes, difficult...
also vague and kind of confusing... oh well...

consider me haunted... or at the very least, momentarily possessed.


Anonymous said...

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dell said...

meh... barb...

stringbeanjean said...

fuck it - billion dollar barb is all you need right now, eh?

let me try..

* dell is a runaway pancake
* dell chucks wood like a woodchuck should
* dell is a tidal wave
* dell ain't scared of spiders
* dell ain't scared of snakes
* dell hides the sun in a hot crossed bun
* dell, dell, dell - dell is all we need