getting fresh

Mayday officially welcomed the sunshine, and it's here. The city has been transformed over the last few weeks, so lush and new and fresh. It's green & growing from every crevice and piece of wasteland. Bleak streets are transformed into leafy, friendly boulevards, crammed with tables and people... It's looking lively.

For some quiet we walked in the woods today, wandering around Schlactensee... Picnicking, hunting for mushrooms & building up the courage to go swimming in the lake, next time...

We also saw lots of people walking their dogs with boat shoes & cashmere sweaters draped casually across their shoulders... We didn't raise an eyebrow with paper hats, sticks of power and my hobo picnic bundle.



Marie Louise said...

Gee - with each post I wish I could be hanging out with you guys! At least while I'm sitting at work I will know that someone is having fun and relaxing!

Minta said...

Fresh Fresh exciting so exciting to me.... (Lyrics to some song by someone in the 80's)
love and smudges
Minta x

problematic said...

Ooooh. You look real pretty. Hobo picnics are best. xx