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We went to the sculpture park this morning. Like a treasure hunt through wasteland, trying to pick which bits were art. Lucky we had a map. I loved the film by Lars Laumann about a woman who married the Berlin Wall. Yes, apparently. Amazing pictures of her standing in front of it, holding a replica. She felt cheated when her hero* celebrated the demise of her husband, crazy but true. I was transfixed by the blurry footage of The Hof dancing at Brandenburger Tor when the wall came down, in an LED Jacket and piano scarf. Fascinating slice o' history.
*'David Hasselhof, you are nothing without that talking car'.

At KunstWerke yesterday Pushwagner's Soft City was my favourite thing. We have had two days of full time art so really I am quite exhausted. The biennale is officially a bit of a disappointment but afternoon beers and pingpong make everything ok. I really want Melbourne to embrace the public pingpong table. It is SO good. Maybe Mr Feary and Mr Cruickshank can help with that campaign?

We realized we only have 8 days to go in Berlin, everything happens too quick when you are running out of time. In the meantime, some lovely grey art loving creatures camoflaged in their natural habitat.

hamburger bahnhof

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